Static properties on design-time

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a component to use & generate html help files. The idea was to drop a component on each form where it would do it’s work:

  1. Generate files for Microsoft’s HtmlHelp Workshop when executed from Visual Studio.
  2. Show all kind of context sensitive help when executed outside Visual Studio.

During the writing I needed an Enable property visible in the property inspector of Visual Studio that was global to all instances of my component.

I used the following (simple) construct:


   2: public Boolean Enabled {

   3:   get { 

   4:     return fEnabled; 

   5:   }

   6:   set { 

   7:     fEnabled = value; 

   8:   }

   9: }


  11: private static fEnabled = true;


This code shows a Enabled property in the property inspector, but when the value is of a single component instance is changed, the changed value in all other instances too.

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