This blog is updated with new articles when I find encounter a topic or problem that takes me a while to solve because it’s not trivial.

In other words I only blog about more challenging issues instead of volume.

Best software to blog is still Windows Live Writer (or better Open Live Writer, available at OpenLiveWriter.org). As stated the Word for Blog Posting.


1 Response to About

  1. Dennis says:

    Hallo Wim,

    Ik heb hulp nodig. Kan jij mij de originele HAPD0.CFG file van de Denver AC-5000W emailen?

    Nadat ik dit van 1 naar 3 camera’s veranderde en uploadde naar de cam gaat de camera constant uit na 2 seconden wanner ik WiFi aanzet.

    Alvast dank voor je hulp.


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