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DISM repairs for (old) updates still requiring reboot

The reason for this post is to share my ‘solution’ for getting around an old cumulative windows update still needing a reboot that was obstructing a newer cumulative update. Clearly something gone wrong during install and corrupted the windows installer … Continue reading

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Moving WhatsApp from WM10 to Android/iOS

Today I made an attempt to move my WhatsApp messages from WM10 to an Android Phone. If the journey is TL;DR; jump to the end of this blogpost for a download link and some remarks on limitations. In it’s greater … Continue reading

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WdFilter.sys & boot loop

Today my computer decided to start a boot loop where it claimed that WdFilter.sys was missing or damaged. The file looked ok when inspected from the command prompt option of the Windows Recovery Environment (WRE). However in this same environment … Continue reading

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Double precision issues

Due to some interaction with a Swagger related project and a simple yet fast and easy to use C# JSON library SimpleJSON I used in the code generated by my swagger parser and code generator, I stumbled upon some issues … Continue reading

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WHS 2011 Client Backup Drive Full

This week I had that dreaded message for the second time. Probably due to modern GB games that patch themselves regularly and entering the Windows Insider program (so a new Windows 10 version every now and then). The last time … Continue reading

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Reindexing WHS 2011’s DNLA Server

Searching for this subject reveals a couple of links of which each has some issues. So I started combining code and testing in so I would be able to rebuild the index without restarting the server. The reason for rebuilding … Continue reading

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Using a Denver AC-5000W with Windows (or OS X)

Some weeks ago, the Denver AC-5000W action camera’s where for sale for around € 50. So a lot cheaper than a GoPro and thus nice for testing. As it comes with a underwater housing up capable of withstanding water pressure … Continue reading

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WP8 LongListSelector and not correctly updating ContextMenu’s

These last days I have been working on a simple WP8 app that uses to keep track of the next/upcoming series episode to watch. I made extensively use of the LongListSelector combined with a ContextMenu from the WP8 Toolkit … Continue reading

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Debugging PHP

As an old fashioned programmer I grew up with debugging methods like post-mortem traces and trace statements. Today however we have and are used to GUI’s for debugging and can single step code or even re-compile code and retry the … Continue reading

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How to automate inclusion of versioning info in Java beans

This post is about how to solve a problem that bugged me for while.  When developing Portlets for Liferay one always wonders what exact version is actually running on the various servers of the development chain (local/test/integration/production) and what sources … Continue reading

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