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Double precision issues

Due to some interaction with a Swagger related project and a simple yet fast and easy to use C# JSON library SimpleJSON I used in the code generated by my swagger parser and code generator, I stumbled upon some issues … Continue reading

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WHS 2011 Client Backup Drive Full

This week I had that dreaded message for the second time. Probably due to modern GB games that patch themselves regularly and entering the Windows Insider program (so a new Windows 10 version every now and then). The last time … Continue reading

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Reindexing WHS 2011’s DNLA Server

Searching for this subject reveals a couple of links of which each has some issues. So I started combining code and testing in so I would be able to rebuild the index without restarting the server. The reason for rebuilding … Continue reading

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Using a Denver AC-5000W with Windows (or OS X)

Some weeks ago, the Denver AC-5000W action camera’s where for sale for around € 50. So a lot cheaper than a GoPro and thus nice for testing. As it comes with a underwater housing up capable of withstanding water pressure … Continue reading

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WP8 LongListSelector and not correctly updating ContextMenu’s

These last days I have been working on a simple WP8 app that uses to keep track of the next/upcoming series episode to watch. I made extensively use of the LongListSelector combined with a ContextMenu from the WP8 Toolkit … Continue reading

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Debugging PHP

As an old fashioned programmer I grew up with debugging methods like post-mortem traces and trace statements. Today however we have and are used to GUI’s for debugging and can single step code or even re-compile code and retry the … Continue reading

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How to automate inclusion of versioning info in Java beans

This post is about how to solve a problem that bugged me for while.  When developing Portlets for Liferay one always wonders what exact version is actually running on the various servers of the development chain (local/test/integration/production) and what sources … Continue reading

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